Monday, March 02, 2009

Black Sheep In The Family

Here is one of the common questions asked by Non-Muslims, to be answered by Muslims:

Muslims pray 5 times per day, more than people in other religions do. But why there are many Muslims who still involve in the bad deeds; the bribery, the corruption? If Islam can not prevent them from doing such evil things, then, what are the differences between being Muslims & Non-Muslims? Even some Non-Muslims are better than Muslims.

Nah! My dear brothers & sisters in Islam,

What do you feel when you are asked about that, do you have any brilliant answer? Indeed, you who claim yourself to be Muslim but do not act the way Muslim should be, you are the "black sheep" in Islam! Should we choose you to be our leader while you yourself never represent Islam? Do you still want to draw our attention by saying that "by electing us, only then Islam will be protected"? Will Islam be protected by those who are corrupt, selfish and arrogant? Islam never teaches us so.

By the way, Allah is always the Most Gracious & the Most Merciful to his servants. Once we are wrong for not totally submitting ourselves to His commands, He still opens widely the door of repentance for us. He'll forgive us if we really want to be forgiven, wholeheartedly. If we "walk" towards Allah, He'll "run" towards us. It's only the matter of.. do we want it or not? Let's grab this golden chance!

P/S: Congratulations to all my fellow friends for successfully organizing such wonderful programs this weekend! Inter-Faith Dialogue (IFD) 2009 and Seminar on Early Marriage. Thanks, guys..for giving me the opportunity to grab the invaluable knowledge!

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