Thursday, July 27, 2006

More Than A Pure Gem

This poem is specially written and dedicated to all my dear friends around the world especially my ex-school mates (SRI ABIM Al-Hikmah, Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan, Darul Quran, IIUM), pen pals and all my online buddies. You are the blessed gifts given to me!

More Than a Pure Gem

A tacit agreement to help each other
It won’t let you see others suffer
It’s more than compromise and mutual approval
It makes the impossible things possible

As a man is known by his actions
True friend is recognized by his sincere intentions
With him you’ll never walk alone
In the darkest place he is the lighting stone

You inject me with hope and courage
When obstacles arise before my face
To me you always smile and say
“You’ve got nothing to lose, nay!”

You are my happiness when I am in sorrow
You said, “Today’s reality is the hope of tomorrow”
So why I have to put myself low
When so many people care for me and not my foe?

The most invaluable ship that I’ve ever owned
The purest gem still can’t be put into comparison
Though land and sea will make us apart soon
The sweet bloom of friendship will keep our hearts sewn

For friends we are now
And friends we will always be
Because forever and ever
You are meant too much to me!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fight n Flight

Last Friday, I was absent in all lectures - the thing which I have never done before. It was a bad day and I have to admit that the day was worse than the day before and probably the worst of all days. It was just a matter of fight and flight. In biology, fight and flight is one of the phenomena in body homeostasis but now I think that sometimes it is irrelevant to be practiced in normal life. I fought to finish up my practical report which was supposed to be submitted before the Friday ends and at the same time I flied from attending my classes for the whole day. See, how bad I was! The report was successfully sent to my lecturer, Alhamdulillah. However, there was no satisfaction inside of me. I felt very innocent and not comfortable throughout the day till the night came just because I was playing truant by not attending the lecture in the day. Then I realized that I have made a wrong decision for maintaining my own “homeostasis” with a wrong response.

The saying of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. indeed goes right, as he said that the good deeds are those which make you feel calm and serene while the evils are those which make your heart uncomfortable and miserable. Oh, no, I have done an evil! O Allah, please forgive me for all the mistakes I have made. Thank you Allah for giving me the chance to realize my own my mistake and prevent me from being that bad. I really am ashamed of myself. I’ve finally got a moral value: hard work means prosperity, only a fool idles away his time. I was a fool last week for idling away my time and did the work in the last minute but the thing won’t be the same in the future, Insya Allah. I’ll work hard smartly to gain prosperity; prosperity in this world and Hereafter, Ameen.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Same Language

Realizing it or not, all people smile in the same language  The language which is very complicated to be described since this language has its own soul. In fact, this inner soul will be automatically expressed without any instruction. If it is instructed, then the soul of the smile is no longer real and natural. Normal people can easily distinguish between a real smile which comes directly from a sincere heart and the fake smile which is forced out. Therefore, we are encouraged to always be in positive state so that we can have a trouble-free mind and soul. Smile might be the most relevant icon to that tranquility state of mind. The nearest example is our prophet Muhammad s.a.w., the most serene person with lovely characters and promotes smiling as the alms. As Muslims, this Islamic teaching should be practiced daily and be preached to others.

The simplest appreciable alms
Given to people with open arms
It lightens the wry face
Soothes and gives you ease
Seeing it would dump your sadness
Without it the world is in darkness

Smile to the challenge
It will give you a gut
To work it out, you start your pace
For it you will always fight

Smile to the world
Your hurt will heal
Down goes the trouble
Up to the hill you will feel

Go, go away my misery
Because now I am a smiley! 

(1.25 a.m., February 2006, C2.7, Mahallat Az-Zahrawi, IIUM Kuantan)