Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Spoiled Mood

Yesterday, my family and I went to Irama Beach, Bachok, 15 minutes drive from our home. I was very sure that the seashore would be crowded with peoples from all walks of life since it was weekend. Yeah, it was such a perfect time to relax your mind and be with family members and friends, away from the work loads. Just by seeing the waves which come and go, sitting on the white sandy beach under the shade of the casuarinas trees…you’ll find that this is the magic place which you’re looking for, ever since.

However, I was very shocked once we arrived there. My sister asked me, “Why the sea is getting nearer to the road?” That was the reality. We did not have to go that far to watch the sea now. At one side, it was good since we can save our time walking from the car park to the shore but I myself did not think the benefit outweighed the disadvantages. Hahaha, did the saline water eat up the seashore and because of the salinity and its hungriness it also wanted to crunch the main road too? I saw no efforts done by the authorities to solve this serious problem and conserve our vital natural heritage.

That was not the only shock or stun that happened to me that evening. To my astonishment, with every step which I made there, my feet kissed varieties of unique things, new and rotten…rubbish! Rubbish was everywhere. It really spoiled my mood and I do not walked along the beach as usual when I came here. Instead, I just sat at the playground, watching my younger sisters and brothers playing there happily and listening to their laughter and giggles which filled the surrounding air. At that moment, while biting and munching some fish and crab nuggets, I was thinking, why people were littering the beautiful place and how to prevent the recurrence.

Soon, I came up with a single solution. Parents! From my observation, when their little kids throw away the food wrappers or drinking bottles just like that on the ground, most of the parents only look at their children, just like that too. No advices came out from their mouths, no “pick that up and throw it into the rubbish bin over there”. The only words which came out was like this, “don’t worry; cleaners will pick them up, babe”. Phew, so that was the cleaners’ job. This was absolutely ridiculous! I did not think that the cleaners will able to do their jobs since my eyes could not find any one of them since the first second we arrived at this place. So?

So, start the righteous deeds with ourselves. Then, we teach our family members and friends the correct things informally. We’ve got nothing to loose if we advice each others because we are enjoining the goods and forbid the evils. Aha, indirect advice may work better. Just pick up the rubbish and asked your bro and sis to put them in their correct place. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t following our words but at least we have done our part. At least, we are not the reason why the Earth is no more a safe place to stay. We must remember what God has told us in Al-Quran Al-Kareem, Surah Al-Ruum, verse 41 which mean:

“Mischief has appeared on land and sea because of (the meed) that the hands of men have earned, that God may gave them a taste of some of their deeds: in order that they may turn back (from Evil)”

Friday, May 05, 2006

Muslim for Life

Now…If we don't change society
Then we are part of the cause
on the Day of Judgment
We are going to standin front of Allah
There will be no excuses
For being useless

Without Islam in our lives
Our lives are fruitless
Leaving behind all things
taking nothing but our deeds
On the last day
it will betoo late to repent
We will be accountable

For every minute & cent
that we spent
Islamicly intact
My brothers got my back
Shaitan can't attack
because were always in a pack

Prophet showed us
how to be a statesman
a father, a leaderAmir of jihad
a husband, a judge
and a friend

A messenger
that Allah has send
that's the example
that we content
He culturedThe Sahabas personalities
Built Islamic mentalities
gave them