Sunday, August 31, 2008

Madrasah Ramadhan

Syukur padaMu ya Allah!
Kau masih memanjangkan usia kami
Untuk bertemu lagi dengan bulan barokah ini


Malunya kami untuk meminta-minta denganMu
Sedang selama ini kami terlalu berkira-kira denganMu

Tiada sekelumitpun gunanya dunia ini kepada kami
Tanpa rahmat kasih sayangMu yang tiada bertepi

Meski dosa kami selama ini tiada terhitung
Kami jua mahu merasa keampunanMu yang menggunung

Doa kami agar segala amal ibadah yang akan dipersembahkan
Bisa memerdekakan kami daripada azab neraka yang mengerikan

Kami kepingin sekali untuk menggenggam segulung ijazah TAQWA
Natijah pentarbiyahan di MADRASAH RAMADHAN yang mulia

Kami mengharapkan Ramadhan kali in penuh makna
Agar dapat kami lalui dengan sempurna

Ya Aziz, jangan Kau tempatkan kami bersama mereka yang rugi!
Ya Jabbar, kurniakan kami kesabaran dalam beribadah!
Ya Rabbana, istajib du’a ana!

“Ramadhan.. awalnya rahmah, pertengahannya keampunan, penghujungnya kemerdekaan daripada api neraka”

Friday, August 29, 2008

Ahlan wa sahlan ya Ramadhan!

Several days to go.. Jom kita pakat-pakat countdown! Jadi, bagaimana dengan persiapan kita semua untuk menyambut bulan umat Islam ini? Dah siap dengan Al-Quran dan tafsirnya di tangan? Dah beli kurma? Dah tanamkan tekad baru? Dah wish muslimin muslimat yang lain? Kalau belum, marilah kita sama-sama bersedia dari sekarang untuk menghidupkan bulan yang mulia ini!

Apabila kita hitungkan balik, agak-agaknya dah berapa kali kita bertemu dengan bulan Ramadhan ni? Dan berapa kali pula kita telah meninggalkannya dengan harapan untuk bertemu kembali? Adakah harapan kita begitu membunga sepertimana harapan seorang pencinta untuk bertemu dengan sang kekasih yang setia? Juga, apakah natijah kepada setiap pertemuan itu? Mungkin ada di antara kita yang perasaannya biasa-biasa saja. Mungkin juga ada yang bertambah-tambah kemungkaran yang dilakukan berbanding sebelum ini.. nauzubillahi min zalik! Ya, Allah, minta dijauhkan! Mungkin juga ada yang rasa lebih bersemangat untuk mendekatkan diri kepada Allah dan berjuang untuk Islam. Ya, inilah yang kita mahukan!

Sekiranya natijah yang pertama dan kedua yang kita telah perolehi hasil daripada pertemuan-pertemuan yang lepas, untuk kali ini, biarlah natijah ketiga yang bakal kita kecapi. Walaupun Ramadhan yang sama yang akan kita tempuhi, tapi natijahnya perlulah berbeza dan lebih baik dari yang sebelumnya; “Ramadhan..same event, different outcome”.

Ihya’ Ramadhan 1429, UIA Kuantan:

Aktiviti-aktiviti untuk menghidupkan Ramadhan akan dianjurkan hasil kolaborasi: Student Development Secretariat of SRC, Islamic Care Bureau of MRC, Dakwah & Tarbiyyah Bureaus of MSC, IPhA, HEALS, NURSS, DENTSS dan PROFAZ, dan Islamic Affairs Bureau of SCIENCESSS. Sila rujuk poster-poster, banner, flyers dan handbill yang telah dan akan ditampal/digantung. Yuk, kita meriahkan bulan puasa ni dengan kerja-kerja yang berfaedah! Ramadhan Kareem..kullu 'aam wa antum bi khair!

Aslih nafsak wad’u ghairak..

Friday, August 15, 2008


There are too many issues to be churned, yet too many other works to be done. Alhamdulillah I’ve submitted the laboratory report on Hard Gelatin Capsule formulation to Dr. Tanveer this morning (though it was a bit late than the expected due date) and that’s a great relief for I’ve accidently slept with my loyal laptop last night. So now, my comments about one of the issues playing around us inside the campus:

New academic attire for IIUM graduands!

RM 2.1 million spent by IIUM to change the academic attire for the graduands. That’s the most absurd and nonsense thing I’ve ever heard. Several questions arise:

What’s wrong with the old attire? There’s only one IIUM in Malaysia and that is unique. Why do we have to bother to standardize the attire when we ourselves are unique? We have to uphold the unique Islamic characteristics and be proud of our own image. There’s no desperate need for IIUM to follow others. Or, is IIUM is desperate enough to start following that western civilization which has no value at this point? Moreover, none has died while wearing the old attire. I bet there’s a political agenda behind this issue.

Where did the old robes go? Dumped somewhere? Can they be traded-in and if so, will the return price be the same as the 2.1 mil? I don’t think so. So, this is a waste!

How long the Kuantan students have to wait? This year, 2nd and 3rd years male students have to stay in the hostel or rent-house out of Indera Mahkota Campus (IMC). Next year, will the female students suffer the same? There’s nothing impossible. With the hike of petrol price and thus the price of other stuffs, and inadequate facilities, the life got more difficult than before. Sadly, no sign of new hostel buildings appears in our sight. No sign of proper sports complex. What is happening to our hospital site? Nothing! You better visualize how the hospital would be in your dream rather than keep on waiting for the construction to take place. While visualizing, please remember that IIUM have already produced more than 10 batches of medical students and this campus is a health-care-based campus where students from other kulliyyahs also go to hospitals to do the clinical things. I wonder what the progress would be in this campus should the 2.1 mil is spent for this purpose. Do we have to do demonstration first for our voice to be heard? I hope, no.

IIUM needs the money desperately to tailor new robes and mortar board. That is why the budget for students’ activities has to be cut down. Huh, can the new robes and mortar boards produce IIUM Islamic world-class graduands? I prefer laughing out loud rather than answering that ridiculous kind of question.

1) IIUM Kuantan Festival 2008 (I-Quest 2008): 15-17/08/08 [by: SRC]
2) Ihya’ Ramadhan 1429 H (IR 1429): 18/08/08 – 26/09/08 [by: Student Development Secretariat of SRC & DNT bureau of MRC and all KBSs]
3) Mid semester exam for final year pharmacy students: 25-30/08/08

Monday, August 11, 2008

Scary Drama

Yeah, get ready to continue typing the industrial report! I typed several sentences regarding Quality Management System and then I stopped. My neck started to ache. Knowing that I need to stretch a bit, I turned my head to my right and then to the left. Oh, no! I can’t believe my eye! I stared to that creeping creature and I blinked again and again. It was…a centipede on my bed! I have never seen a centipede that big before this. With the length more than the length of a 15 cm ruler, a black-dark brown striping body of about the size of my finger and long crawling pairs of legs, that bloodcurdling creature moved from the head-side of my bed down towards the end of the bed. I was so stunned that I could do nothing but staring for a few seconds.

Finally, a word came repeatedly out of my mouth, “Lipan! Lipan!” Upon hearing my scream, my other roommates dashed out from their own compartments and headed to mine. I rushed out of my compartment to search for something that can be used to hit the centipede. I grabbed our broom and Fajar gave me her Ridsect. I sprayed the centipede with the Ridsect hoping that this will somewhat make it dizzy. Nevertheless, the centipede suddenly slipped under the mattress. I turned over the mattres. There it was!

“Sembur lagi!”, Fajar urged. Then I put more sprays until the centipede jumped out of the bed and landed on the floor. Instead of staying still, it moved towards my book rack and hided there for a while. I jolted an ABBA file and the centipede crept out. Then, Fajar hit it with the broom but not hard enough to crack it.

“Meh sini penyapu tu”, I said to her.

She handed-over the broom to me. With an irregularly throbbing heart, I hit the centipede hard with the wooden part of the broom. It struggled to survive but it made me wanted to kill it even more. I hit it again and again until most parts of its body cracked.

“I’m sorry Mr. Centipede, I have to”, I slowly whispered while wrapping the still body with a newspaper before throwing it away into the dustbin outside of our room (look at the real picture of the cracked centipede below for the real view).

I opened the window of my compartment to let out the fume of Ridsect. I get back to my laptop, wanting to continue the suddenly withheld work. I found that I can’t even focus on the screen. I should see an incomplete industrial report displayed on the LCD screen but, the only thing I saw was a flashback of tonight scary drama with Mr. Centipede as the main actor. Suddenly, the goose bumps appeared on my skin. God, how can I sleep tonight? It was crawling on my pillows, on my very bed just now. What if another one came out while I was sleeping soundly and it crawled freely on my body? Oho, I just can’t imagine!

Fortunately, someone consoled me and that made me realized that I have my Allah. I prayed to the Almighty, hopefully He will send His Angels to protect me in my sleep. Ameen..

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Just A Monologue

Too many things have been taking place nowadays in my life and there are too many challenges to be taken up by me. Following numbers of talks and chitchatting with my friends, after listening to the voice of their hearts, at this very moment, I begin to think about myself. Am I too idealistic person or perfectionist? All this while, do I care about other people’s feeling? Do I put rationality too much in front of me and sometimes leave the emotional part behind? Am I too pushy? I realize that not few who have felt offended by my attitude. Sorry, guys. I was a lousy loser indeed! Astaghfirullahal ‘azim…

Thinking about this won’t make me this miserable if I am dealing with goats or sheep, but I am not! I am dealing with Homo sapiens who have been gifted with magnificent brain and wonderful heart. Subhanallah! The brain makes this kind of species keep thinking and thinking while the heart makes them feeling good or feeling bad. Thinking and feeling should be properly synchronized in their action because if one of them is affected, the action will be consequently affected too. Thinking without feeling will make them a mean species while feeling without thinking will only make them a helpless creature. Hopefully, I’m classified neither in the former category nor in the latter category.

C’mon, don’t say that I have a big problem. Instead, say to the problem that I have a 'BIG' God!

O Allah, guide me to the right path!
O Allah, show me the way of being an excellent caliph!
O Allah, help me to be a high-quality human!
O Allah, please…put not on me a burden greater than I have strength to bear!