Friday, August 15, 2008


There are too many issues to be churned, yet too many other works to be done. Alhamdulillah I’ve submitted the laboratory report on Hard Gelatin Capsule formulation to Dr. Tanveer this morning (though it was a bit late than the expected due date) and that’s a great relief for I’ve accidently slept with my loyal laptop last night. So now, my comments about one of the issues playing around us inside the campus:

New academic attire for IIUM graduands!

RM 2.1 million spent by IIUM to change the academic attire for the graduands. That’s the most absurd and nonsense thing I’ve ever heard. Several questions arise:

What’s wrong with the old attire? There’s only one IIUM in Malaysia and that is unique. Why do we have to bother to standardize the attire when we ourselves are unique? We have to uphold the unique Islamic characteristics and be proud of our own image. There’s no desperate need for IIUM to follow others. Or, is IIUM is desperate enough to start following that western civilization which has no value at this point? Moreover, none has died while wearing the old attire. I bet there’s a political agenda behind this issue.

Where did the old robes go? Dumped somewhere? Can they be traded-in and if so, will the return price be the same as the 2.1 mil? I don’t think so. So, this is a waste!

How long the Kuantan students have to wait? This year, 2nd and 3rd years male students have to stay in the hostel or rent-house out of Indera Mahkota Campus (IMC). Next year, will the female students suffer the same? There’s nothing impossible. With the hike of petrol price and thus the price of other stuffs, and inadequate facilities, the life got more difficult than before. Sadly, no sign of new hostel buildings appears in our sight. No sign of proper sports complex. What is happening to our hospital site? Nothing! You better visualize how the hospital would be in your dream rather than keep on waiting for the construction to take place. While visualizing, please remember that IIUM have already produced more than 10 batches of medical students and this campus is a health-care-based campus where students from other kulliyyahs also go to hospitals to do the clinical things. I wonder what the progress would be in this campus should the 2.1 mil is spent for this purpose. Do we have to do demonstration first for our voice to be heard? I hope, no.

IIUM needs the money desperately to tailor new robes and mortar board. That is why the budget for students’ activities has to be cut down. Huh, can the new robes and mortar boards produce IIUM Islamic world-class graduands? I prefer laughing out loud rather than answering that ridiculous kind of question.

1) IIUM Kuantan Festival 2008 (I-Quest 2008): 15-17/08/08 [by: SRC]
2) Ihya’ Ramadhan 1429 H (IR 1429): 18/08/08 – 26/09/08 [by: Student Development Secretariat of SRC & DNT bureau of MRC and all KBSs]
3) Mid semester exam for final year pharmacy students: 25-30/08/08

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