Sunday, November 21, 2010


Finally, I've submitted my PRP logbook on Nov 10, 2010! Although the submission was somewhat delayed for whatever reason, I feel very relieved at this very moment and now I am 'floating'. Why floating? Because now, I'm not officially 'tied' to any unit. I'll 'fly' to the destination wherever I was 'blown' to. If there is a call for me in TPN unit, by the will of God, I'll be there. Should there be a need for screening, filling and counter-checking in In-Patient Pharmacy, I'll be landing there too. And, whenever all junior PRPs will be having Forensic Exam tomorrow morning, I'll be substituting them for night shift. Whoah, it does sound that I am kind of a savior of the HRPZ II Pharmacy..haha!

So, right now, I'm waiting for my new posting which I hope that Kelantan still wants me. Alhamdulillah, my dear hubby got his favorite place at Cawangan Penguatkuasa Farmasi Kelantan. Insya Allah, once I know my new place, we'll be moving into our own new house. Living on our own; my hubby, my little cutie and me myself - just the three of us. Actually, it's the moment that I've been waiting for. Unless our small family stay together under one roof, we don't really know how to manage things accordingly. I hope that everything will be alright by then..ameen!
As for this blog, I've finally decided that I won't delete it. In fact, this is my corner that I've built for so many years. Too many sweet and sour things placed inside it that I I'll never find it anywhere else. I don't think that I'll be able to write the same things as I have written before. After all, I found that I have many supports behind me who say "don't delete!". To date, only one who agreed of deleting this blog. Thank you very much to all! Insya Allah, I'll be updating this blog regularly.