Thursday, November 30, 2006


“Why they are flocking out there? Is there is something going on?” seeing a bunch of young men sitting on their motorbikes at the side of the road while they were discussing something seriously, I asked my aunt once my siblings and I arrived at grandma’s house in one fine evening. She was busy serving us, her nieces and nephews hi-tea and said it has been such a long time since we did not sit and having tea together. I was in the inter-semester vacation anyway, that was why I paid them a visit. As usual, all of us made a big circle at the balcony of grandma’s newly-renovated house, facing the main road which the traffic seemed ceaseless despite of any season. “A police car was there just now, may be that young guy is arrested again this time. Well, it is his own mother who called the police to come over and get his son. What a poor mother!” my aunt explained with a great sigh being released simultaneously.

My aunt said that the young guy had been sent to rehab once but after being released, everything was still the same, and nothing is changed. He is still a drug-addict and keeps forcing his poor old mother to give some money every now and then so that the “stock” is ready by his side all the time. He was also admitted to hospital several times and doctors claimed that this guy is having a kind of mental disorder. Under the influence of drugs, it is not frightening anymore that he keeps threatening his own mother; give the money or she will be “finished”!

This malignant phenomenon is very common nowadays in our society. The same story is being told in the papers day in, day out and too many fingers are pointing towards too many directions, targeting who is the one to be blamed after all these things happened. So, is there any solution? Yes, absolutely, but not everyone wants to accept this solution whole-heartedly, may be due to their hidden self-interests. The solution is very simple: back to the original religious teaching.

One of the teachings which are similar in any religion in the world is “love and protect yourself and then your family members and relatives from any harm”. We must love ourselves first, let not ourselves be affiliated with immoral things which are very joyful but killing ourselves without even being noticed. As an individual, we must know thoroughly the purpose of our creation and where we are going after this, what are our responsibilities. However, if a person still feels like doing a bad thing, do it when he is absolutely alone and make sure that he is not seeing anyone after this, not even a soul, so that no second person will be infected by his bad deed and no one is burdened to take care of him, wasting the precious time and money with unnecessary things. Can he do this?

For me, this seems impossible to take place since as human being, we are all connected with our species, we need each other badly because of the humanly reason. We will love and care ourselves because we do not want others to face difficulties if we “misbehaved”. We do not want to be thrown in the hellfire in the Hereafter because of our own sins and the sins of other people which are initiated by us. We also do not want our family members, relatives and friends to face the punishment that they do not deserve. Based on those sequences, it is our job as a human to love and protect ourselves and people around us from any harm in this world and in the Hereafter, like what is said by Allah the Almighty in the Holy Quran which means:

“O ye who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is Men and Stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who flinch not (from executing) the command they receive from God, but do (precisely) what they are commanded” (66: 6)

No idea?

Blinking, blinking, blinking…..Owh, why nothing is coming out? Why the ideas are drying out? But at least I feel quite relieved at this moment. I’ve finished my new task; writing all the reports of the previous meetings which I should have been doing long time ago. Yeah, this is my new experience in the field of management and leadership since I’ve never been given the post as a secretary of any organization. Though I myself like writing but I never thought to hold this kind of post at any moment. I prefer to just listen, observe and give ideas in the meeting but now I’ve got new challenges, not only listening, observing and throwing ideas but also interpreting the ideas of other people, change them into nice words, translating them into English (since most of the words are Malay) and jotting them down, black and white. It’s not an easy job for a beginner though.

So now, I begin to appreciate all the secretaries especially those who had and have been working with me since my old school days. You are great, guys! May be we do not know the sacrifices they have done but believe me, all the secretaries out there, you fella are doing nothing but improving your own skills! I’m very cock-sure that you’ll be getting used to it by time and you’ll find yourself more organized than before if only you could do it in the right way, and of course it will be counted as an ‘ibadah if you do it for the sake of Allah. Aja aja!