Thursday, November 30, 2006

No idea?

Blinking, blinking, blinking…..Owh, why nothing is coming out? Why the ideas are drying out? But at least I feel quite relieved at this moment. I’ve finished my new task; writing all the reports of the previous meetings which I should have been doing long time ago. Yeah, this is my new experience in the field of management and leadership since I’ve never been given the post as a secretary of any organization. Though I myself like writing but I never thought to hold this kind of post at any moment. I prefer to just listen, observe and give ideas in the meeting but now I’ve got new challenges, not only listening, observing and throwing ideas but also interpreting the ideas of other people, change them into nice words, translating them into English (since most of the words are Malay) and jotting them down, black and white. It’s not an easy job for a beginner though.

So now, I begin to appreciate all the secretaries especially those who had and have been working with me since my old school days. You are great, guys! May be we do not know the sacrifices they have done but believe me, all the secretaries out there, you fella are doing nothing but improving your own skills! I’m very cock-sure that you’ll be getting used to it by time and you’ll find yourself more organized than before if only you could do it in the right way, and of course it will be counted as an ‘ibadah if you do it for the sake of Allah. Aja aja!

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