Monday, August 11, 2008

Scary Drama

Yeah, get ready to continue typing the industrial report! I typed several sentences regarding Quality Management System and then I stopped. My neck started to ache. Knowing that I need to stretch a bit, I turned my head to my right and then to the left. Oh, no! I can’t believe my eye! I stared to that creeping creature and I blinked again and again. It was…a centipede on my bed! I have never seen a centipede that big before this. With the length more than the length of a 15 cm ruler, a black-dark brown striping body of about the size of my finger and long crawling pairs of legs, that bloodcurdling creature moved from the head-side of my bed down towards the end of the bed. I was so stunned that I could do nothing but staring for a few seconds.

Finally, a word came repeatedly out of my mouth, “Lipan! Lipan!” Upon hearing my scream, my other roommates dashed out from their own compartments and headed to mine. I rushed out of my compartment to search for something that can be used to hit the centipede. I grabbed our broom and Fajar gave me her Ridsect. I sprayed the centipede with the Ridsect hoping that this will somewhat make it dizzy. Nevertheless, the centipede suddenly slipped under the mattress. I turned over the mattres. There it was!

“Sembur lagi!”, Fajar urged. Then I put more sprays until the centipede jumped out of the bed and landed on the floor. Instead of staying still, it moved towards my book rack and hided there for a while. I jolted an ABBA file and the centipede crept out. Then, Fajar hit it with the broom but not hard enough to crack it.

“Meh sini penyapu tu”, I said to her.

She handed-over the broom to me. With an irregularly throbbing heart, I hit the centipede hard with the wooden part of the broom. It struggled to survive but it made me wanted to kill it even more. I hit it again and again until most parts of its body cracked.

“I’m sorry Mr. Centipede, I have to”, I slowly whispered while wrapping the still body with a newspaper before throwing it away into the dustbin outside of our room (look at the real picture of the cracked centipede below for the real view).

I opened the window of my compartment to let out the fume of Ridsect. I get back to my laptop, wanting to continue the suddenly withheld work. I found that I can’t even focus on the screen. I should see an incomplete industrial report displayed on the LCD screen but, the only thing I saw was a flashback of tonight scary drama with Mr. Centipede as the main actor. Suddenly, the goose bumps appeared on my skin. God, how can I sleep tonight? It was crawling on my pillows, on my very bed just now. What if another one came out while I was sleeping soundly and it crawled freely on my body? Oho, I just can’t imagine!

Fortunately, someone consoled me and that made me realized that I have my Allah. I prayed to the Almighty, hopefully He will send His Angels to protect me in my sleep. Ameen..

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