Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Just A Monologue

Too many things have been taking place nowadays in my life and there are too many challenges to be taken up by me. Following numbers of talks and chitchatting with my friends, after listening to the voice of their hearts, at this very moment, I begin to think about myself. Am I too idealistic person or perfectionist? All this while, do I care about other people’s feeling? Do I put rationality too much in front of me and sometimes leave the emotional part behind? Am I too pushy? I realize that not few who have felt offended by my attitude. Sorry, guys. I was a lousy loser indeed! Astaghfirullahal ‘azim…

Thinking about this won’t make me this miserable if I am dealing with goats or sheep, but I am not! I am dealing with Homo sapiens who have been gifted with magnificent brain and wonderful heart. Subhanallah! The brain makes this kind of species keep thinking and thinking while the heart makes them feeling good or feeling bad. Thinking and feeling should be properly synchronized in their action because if one of them is affected, the action will be consequently affected too. Thinking without feeling will make them a mean species while feeling without thinking will only make them a helpless creature. Hopefully, I’m classified neither in the former category nor in the latter category.

C’mon, don’t say that I have a big problem. Instead, say to the problem that I have a 'BIG' God!

O Allah, guide me to the right path!
O Allah, show me the way of being an excellent caliph!
O Allah, help me to be a high-quality human!
O Allah, please…put not on me a burden greater than I have strength to bear!


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