Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Same Language

Realizing it or not, all people smile in the same language  The language which is very complicated to be described since this language has its own soul. In fact, this inner soul will be automatically expressed without any instruction. If it is instructed, then the soul of the smile is no longer real and natural. Normal people can easily distinguish between a real smile which comes directly from a sincere heart and the fake smile which is forced out. Therefore, we are encouraged to always be in positive state so that we can have a trouble-free mind and soul. Smile might be the most relevant icon to that tranquility state of mind. The nearest example is our prophet Muhammad s.a.w., the most serene person with lovely characters and promotes smiling as the alms. As Muslims, this Islamic teaching should be practiced daily and be preached to others.

The simplest appreciable alms
Given to people with open arms
It lightens the wry face
Soothes and gives you ease
Seeing it would dump your sadness
Without it the world is in darkness

Smile to the challenge
It will give you a gut
To work it out, you start your pace
For it you will always fight

Smile to the world
Your hurt will heal
Down goes the trouble
Up to the hill you will feel

Go, go away my misery
Because now I am a smiley! 

(1.25 a.m., February 2006, C2.7, Mahallat Az-Zahrawi, IIUM Kuantan)

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