Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another TWO

Yesterday, I virtually chatted with a Texas lady. Today, I really talked to another Texas lady. Two totally different Texas ladies within two days in two separate occasions. Again, I'm wondering, what's so special about 2?

The former one, she was sneaking through blogs when she suddenly came across my Yahoo ID in bloggers list, so she decided to add me in her contact list, you know, just for some chit-chat. And that was how we started to know each other briefly. I'm glad that I've given something new to this lady, a new knowledge about Islam & Muslim that she never thought of before. It is a concept about relationship between males and females in Islam that she first said as "dumbo" the very moment I explained it to her.

I am not angry with her , not at all, as this is very much expected from the beginning. She's a typical Texas woman. I've presented to her an analogy after analogy which I thought were logic & rational. Alhamdulillah, finally she admitted that this new weird thing that I've mentioned to her was so interesting and she wanted to dig for more. I do hope that she'll finally find the true light in her life. May Allah guide her to the right path.. ameen!

I met the latter lady in a seminar today, Multaqa Institusi Tahfiz Kebangsaan 2009, which is held in Kompleks Yayasan Pahang, Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan. This 42 years old Texas lady happened to sit next to me in the main hall after the lunch break. She who is married to a Kelantanese actually reverted to Islam when she was 24 years old. She was so excited finding someone like us in this seminar whom she can speak to with her mother tongue. Wearing a perfect Muslim attire, this English teacher was so eager to learn about tahfiz institution in Malaysia.

"Owh, this is only the first day but there are so many input!," she said as she was scribbling words after words on her paper. Another thing that she mentioned as we were giving a big applause in the hall, "We shouldn't clap our hands like this (palm-to-palm) but when we clap like this (palm-to-back of hand), the sounds don't come out loud. They say, it's like we are calling for shaitan. Uhh, I should have find the hadith about this. I can't believe it until I see it myself".

Although one is a non-Muslim and the other is Muslim, there is something similar that I can learn from both of them: their thirst for knowledge. They know what they need and they are very decisive, yet very determined.

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