Monday, December 15, 2008

Another New Phase of Life

15th December 1983:

With a help from a midwife, a 3.2kg baby girl was safely born in a traditional wooden house located at a countryside of Kota Bharu. The new born was a symbol of love of a couple who practiced love-after-marriage, yet lived happily ever after.

That lucky girl was brought-up with their own hands filled with love. Being the first child , she was by a little bit pampered as she got almost everything that she wanted. The things that she had were all new and she didn’t have to share them with others.

About two months before celebrating her 2nd birthday, she was gifted with a cute little friend. At first, she was happy as she now had someone to play with. However, day after day, she got envier with this new friend who in fact, her own sister. She was asked to share her stuffs with her younger sister. When they were quarreling, she was told to rise up the white flag first even though she was not the one who started everything and she really hated doing that.

She didn’t know that she was taught to have a good sense of responsibility at that moment. She didn’t realize that she was going to have more and more sisters and brothers in the next approaching years. She even didn’t have any idea on how to become a good leader in the future, just because she was still a toddler who didn’t understand how complicated the world actually is.

15th December 2008:

That girl in the story, named Nur Asiyah Mustapha Kamil, is now celebrating her 25th birthday, her 25th years of life, her silver jubilee. By the will of Allah, she is facing a new phase in her life with new persons around crafting new atmospheres. She feels very grateful and thankful to those who have helped and are helping her in becoming who she is. Please pray that every pace she takes and every move she makes are blessed by God. Thank you.


::Amin Mansor:: said...

happy silver jubilee kak ac. hehehe.. May Allah bless u, always

ainna said...

salam kak ac..salam ulangtahun ynag ke 25..wawa..dah 25 kak ac..ehem doakan aina pun akan sampai ke umur ni jgak inshaallah..semoga Allah berkati dan rahmati selalu umurmu..Allahu yabarik fik..