Thursday, November 20, 2008

Treasure every moment ‘cause the same would never return

1- Blessed be He in Whose hands is Dominion; and He over all things hath Power
2- He Who created Death and Life, that He may try which of you is best in deed; and He is the Exalted in Might, Oft- forgiving
[67(Al-Mulk): 1 & 2]

Alhamdulillah! Being at home is the thing I treasure the most since I rarely got this golden chance. Now I can do everything I love; reading the books that I’ve bought in the previous months, watching TV, surfing the internet, planning my future and relaxing with my loved ones while the rain is pouring down heavily day and night.

Well, the monsoon is here and it’s a school break! It seems like no problems exist in this current life and there’s nothing much to worry about. But, will this kind of life remain the same? I know it won’t. Thousands of challenges are awaiting ahead as He may try me and test me am I best in deed?

I’ve got another one semester of my degree study which I consider it as my last chance to improve my academic performance. I heard several friends of mine mumbling, “There would be no much differences whether you perform excellently or not. At the end of the day, we’ll get employed by the government. We’re the JPA holders, remember? The money will still flow into our pocket”.

Well, say what you wanna say. It’s a world of freedom and I admit that the statements above are right though you guys still have to consider that each and every one us do hold the responsibility entrusted to us by our people; our ummah. We are answerable to them and to Allah, absolutely. It is such a great thing if we can formulate our best answer by then.

I ask myself, why do I need to put a target in life? Why don’t I merely accept the destiny befallen in me without having to put through so much effort? I found an answer. I can accept “what will be, will be” after I’ve given the best of me. I need my self-satisfaction. I don’t know my real potential buried within me unless I put my greatest effort to overcome the hurdles before me. I would never measure the depth of my innermost ability until I let myself do all the things it can. Then only I know what kind of person I am.

Does it sound too philosophical? May be, but it is not wrong, isn’t it? Life is about test. We do need philosophy to grip on so that we can maintain ourselves on track while we are tested. Islamic principles are made of practical philosophies which do not contradict with human nature. That is why we have got nothing to lose if we grip to Islamic principles in our deeds.

I do hope that I can optimize this 5-weeks-holidays to recharge myself and plan my life; my life as a servant of Him, a daughter, a student, a da’ie, a pharmacist-to-be and.. a-wife-to be..ehem, ehem :)

P/S: One of the ways for me to treasure every moment is by snapping photographs. The picture above was taken while having lunch at the seaside of Telok Gadong Beach, Dungun, Terengganu after my classmates and I paid an educational visit to XORIX SDN. BHD., another new pharmaceutical company owned by a Malay.


As said...

photography is alwasy satisfying, is it?

kak AC, nape tak penah nampak kat fajar kat KOM ye..da setahun stgah as kat uia :)

pernah jumpa die kat bilik je.. ;)

Asiyah said...

betul betul betul (bc dgn nada upin & ipin tau)..u know, 1 of my dreams is to become a professional photographer. bile amik gmbr, nk gmbr tu btul2 potray the real meaning which is undescribable.. best kan klu mcm tu..

ade je k.fajar kat KOM tu sbb attndence die almost 100%. klu As x nmpk jgk tu, ade sumthing wrong la kot..haa, baik pegi check cpt hehe :p