Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Terima Kasih, Cikgu!

Infinity of “Thank You” goes to all my teachers in:

- Taski ABIM Kedai Mulong (1989)
- Sek. Ren. Islam (SRI) ABIM Al-Hikmah, Tanjung Mas (end of 1989 – 1995)
- Maahad Muhammadi Lilbanat, Kota Bharu (end of 1995 – 2001)
- Pusat Tuisyen Kami, Kota Bharu (PMR 1999 & SPM 2001)
- Darul Quran JAKIM, Kuala Kubu Bharu (end of 2001 – mid of 2002)
- IIUM Matriculation Centre (mid of 2002 – mid of 2004)
- International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuantan (mid of 2004 until now)

Also, a BIG Thank You to all my informal teachers who helped me a lot in shaping my personality:

- Abah (May Allah rest your soul in peace and grant you His Blessings for bringing me up and spending your time fetching me from tahfiz class. The image of you holding the car steering or the motorbike handle with the trembling hand due to minor stroke will always be captured in my mind)
- Ummi (for teaching me how to lead this life)
- Pok Wei (I still can hear the sound of your swishing cane every time I wrongly recite the Quranic verses. May Allah rest your soul in peace and grant you His Blessings)

…and to all who teach me even one single thing in this life, God Bless!


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