Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Time to Kill

Have you ever heard about this phrase? That was what I have been experiencing these couple of days. I learnt about the meaning of this phrase when I first read John Grisham’s masterpiece entitled ‘A Time to Kill’ during my teenage years. It is a great legal thrill novel! By the way, I’m not here to narrate the whole story because you can either read them by yourself or simply watch the movie to feel the rush of your adrenaline. Grisham, you should thank me a lot for promoting your works. Wink!

The real story is this is my worst weekend! I have had so much time that I finally did nothing! Now I am absolutely agree with a quote, “Only those who are busy have time”. In other meaning, only those who are in time-constraint really appreciate the existence of time in their life. My current life is not what it used to be in the past. No meeting to attend, still no assignment or report to work on at this very moment. Actually, what have I done?

I washed my clothes and waited for them to dry completely in this humid weather before I can fold them properly. I should have used the dryer in the first place!

I tried to read a chapter regarding Pharmacotherapy for Endocrine Disorders but only lasted for not more than 1 hour. Oh my God, I just can’t absorb those facts and figures! Was it because I used to work best under pressure? Another habit that I should avoid! I snatched "The 8th Habit" from the book-shelf, read paragraphs after paragraphs until suddenly I did not know which page I was reading.. I felt asleep!

Seeing my 2009 planner placed untouched on the desk, I started to organize my future days; my academic schedule for the first-half of this semester and my ‘iadah timetable. I typed them using Microsoft Word application, printed them out on a colored-paper and pasted them on the wall with the greatest hope that I can realize them.


Then, I switched on my laptop, plugged in my Celcom broadband modem and began browsing from one site to another. I read and watched the news regarding those Israel terrorists bombarding the Palestinian civilians and prayed may Allah help the HAMAS warriors against the Zionists. The victory is meant for Islam! Allahu akbar!

Later, I came across one advertisement; a call for a big demonstration to protest against Israel that will be held in Putrajaya on the coming January 9. All university and college students are invited! Come, let’s show our unity in our faith!

After reading the news about 2000 IIUM (Gombak) students and staffs united to join a demonstration held in the campus on January 2, suddenly, something stroked my mind. What have we in Kuantan done for this Palestine issue? Are we still in the comfort zone? Not a single rally ever been made by the students here and believe me, the Kuantan residents haven’t recognized our existence since our youthful intelligent voices have not yet beaten their eardrums.

So, don’t blame them if they are surprised to know that there is an IIUM campus in their own hometown. Please, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say that demonstration is the only way for our voice to be heard. What I meant is, do get out of our own cocoon. Let the people know that we are here to serve them because we are the future leaders!

Facing the laptop screen for hours made my shoulder ached even more. That was the reason why I easily dozed off during this weekend, plus having a nice blanket wrapping my body and the rain outside sounded like a stunning lullaby. Yet, another time to kill! Astaghfirullahal ‘azim!


Mohd Nuruddin bin Mohamed said...

minta izin ana link kan blog kak ke blog ana. Syukran

Asiyah said...

dear nuruddin,
silakan..mana yg baik kte share