Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Resolutions

In the successfully conducted mega assembly protesting against Israel's terrorism, all IIUM Kuantan students and staffs have agreed upon 4 resolutions, which are:

1- Boycotting Israel's and any Israel-related products or services
2- Sending humanitarian aids and assistance to Palestine
3- Donating money to Palestinians as much as we can
4- Reciting Qunut Nazilah & performing solat hajat continuously

Among the photos that I've snapped during the event:

Among the IIUM Kuantan protestors
(background: the under-construction-Kulliyyah of Pharmacy building)

A spirit-burning introductory speech from the dean of Kulliyyah of Medicine, Dr. Fauzi.

Bush was sentenced to death! No hands & no legs left!

"Down, down Israel!"...either win or syahid!


Firdaus said...

saya copy pics ni boley?
(da copy da pun) hehe..

Asiyah said...

boleh2..silakan :)