Monday, October 13, 2008

P/S: I MissYou!

“Bila terasa rindu, kusebut namamu…”

Ops, please don’t quickly judge! Actually I miss my old days in Ramadhan, the month of blessing which has left all of us.

I miss all the good things that I’ve done and I believe that I was a better person in those days.

I miss my waking up early in the morning for qiyamullail and sahur

I miss reciting the holy Quranic verses each time after pray and pondering their meaning

I miss giving out sadaqah with my sincerest heart

I miss performing congregational prayers most of the times

I miss my quest of the lailatur qadr

Still, my greatest hope is I can continuously be the better person today and in the times to come.. in other 11 months before I meet my Ramadhan again, bi iznillah.

“Patah tumbuh, hilang berganti”

The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. had left us but the spirit of his da’wah should forever stay within us

The month of Ramadhan 1429H has been replaced by Syawwal but the good things initiated in Ramadhan must be forever nourished in our daily ‘amal

P/S: I miss you, Ramadhan! Looking forward to be with you again.. I wish I am a better person when I meet you later.

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