Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Pharmacokinetic lab report, pharmacognosy lab report, pharmacokinetic seminar, pharmacognosy seminar, pharmacy practice seminar, Students’ Representative Council (SRC) tenure report, archery assignment and the list keeps growing in length! Those things are going to be submitted and presented this week. God, can I make it within several days to go? What should I do? Suddenly, my brain and my heart tell me: Asiyah, by hook or by crook, you have no reason to omit those responsibilities. You must do it. Thus, stop complaining too much!

I was longing for an assistant to help me going through these hitches, at least one who is willing to do the technical things like typing the SRC reports and keying-in the data. Alhamdulillah, Allah answered my pray when He offered me real friends who can bear with me sharing those responsibilities. Thank you, my true friends, for all your patience and perseverance! May Allah shower His Blessing on you in this world and Hereafter. Ameen.

With this aid, I got a new spirit to finish my SRC jobs before stepping down and what makes me happier is starting from next week, I am no longer an SRC exco members and my burden will decrease a little bit. Yet, being in SRC truly gave me a lot of memorable experiences which I might not have experienced if I was not elected to be a so-called “YB”. Thanks to all “YBs” out there and all my supporters for your cooperation! I pray that Allah will consider our services as ‘ibadah.

Thank God, this Ramadhan really teaches me about the concept of life and the relationship of creatures with the Almighty Creator. I know that I cannot survive living alone. I still need other’s help although it happened to come into my mind that I am able to do all the tasks given to me just by myself. That is a characteristic of an egoist which I should avoid.

Only He who created me knows about my real capacity which I myself do not know. He tested me with myriad of obstacles so that I turn my face towards Him, get closer to Him, be dependent (tawakkal) on Him and appeal for His miracle help. The help was sent down through the collective works and interactions with other human beings who share similar Islamic principles and aim for the same goal. And that what makes life more meaningful. Now I appreciate the collective work more than in the previous time. I’ve got a new lesson: human must stay in an organization (jamaah) to survive in the right path!

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