Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, My Princess!

Alhamdulillah, she is 2 years-old. As my hubby & I sang along the Happy Birthday Song to our princess at 9.23pm on April 6, 2012, she might not truly understand the meaning of the wishes blown to her. Nevertheless, she enjoyed the rhythm very much and clapped both hands at the end of it. With the sleepy eyes half-opened, she gave us a very warm great, big hug ever and kissed us so tenderly which made my eyes shed into tears. God, I was really touched with this blessing of Yours!

My dear Nidaaul Awatif binti Mohd Azreen, may Allah shower you His Blessing in this world and hereafter..ameen!

When someone has asked me these three questions before, I doubt I can answer it sincerely. But now, after 2 years of being a mother, here are my answers which came from the bottom of my heart.

1- The best things when become a mother?

- As a Muslim woman, my rank has been elevated higher than a Muslim man since the day I became a mother to my child. This is a golden chance for me to grab on my way to be a better caliph of Allah in attaining His pleasure.

2- The challenges being a mom?

- The greatest challenge is within myself as most of the time I have to learn to be PATIENT in every single thing I do. Be patient if you think you are out of time and be patient if things go against what you want.

3- Your hope for your child?

- No doubt that I want the best for my child. I hope my child's life is a blessed one, in this world & hereafter.

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