Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Dedicated to all Pharmacy Students of IIUM....

“These students always miss the lectures”, lecturers are complaining
“They like to engage with useless things during their leisure time”, parents are grumbling.
“They don’t even care what is happening to the ummah”, Muslim leaders are responding.
“Where has the sense of responsibility gone? Don’t they realize that they’ll be questioned by the Almighty later on?”, another voices are questioning.

These dialogues sound familiar to you? It’s never too late to change them to more meaningful words provided that we change ourselves first. Developing ourselves towards the betterment and helping others to expand their quality are the novel tasks to be performed by Muslim students like us since we are the agents of change.

To do these tasks, we need that sense of responsibility which has been slowly diminished from our real life by our own attitude. Because we are the only creatures who are holding the title of “khalifah” to run this world, Islam has taught us to be responsible and trustworthy in every single thing we do, no matter who we are; His servant, a son or a daughter, a friend, a student, a leader or even a follower.

Say, for what ever reason, we are suddenly elected to be one of the leaders in IPhA. For sure we bear greater responsibility than those who do not hold the post. We are entrusted to manage and run the society and its members accordingly. We should ask ourselves more often, “To what extent I’ve contributed? Is there anything else that I haven’t done yet? Have I performed my best?” I truly believe that if these questions are being revised day in, day out, excellence will bear as its fruit.

However, the real excellence would not be achieved if the members of IPhA are irresponsible. As members, do we carry the responsibility too? Absolutely, yes! Even though we are sub-committees, without us, the society would not make any move. We have to be a very responsible sub-committee because this society is ours and we are the members, not anyone else. We should not be too selfish and self-centred in doing our personal job because we too, are responsible to our brothers and sisters around us. If we still want to live only in our own world, we are actually violating others’ rights. Ask ourselves the same questions that the leaders should be asked and it’s the time to turn over a new leaf. Indeed, the glory of Islam will shine if the Muslims are responsible. Yes, we’ve got nothing to lose when we do all the good things!

I am responsible and trustworthy
I follow the Islamic teaching strictly
I do my best in academic and society
I contribute to the Muslim ummah daily

I want Islam to lead the world sooner
So I have to keep my performance better
I develop myself and others equally
Cause I know this life won’t last eternally

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