Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Punica granatum?

I wanna make this semester as another new interesting chapter of my life. I’m doing a literature search right now, investigating anti-helminthic (worm-killing) property in Punica granatum (pomegranate). In Bahasa, it is known as delima while in Arabic it is called as ar-rummaan. Pomegranate is stated in al-Quran several times. Everything that is stated in al-Quran must have its significant value and this really pushes me up to carry out the work. In fact, pomegranate was widely used in Spain and Portugal in the old time. Does this have certain relation with the Islamic civilization in Andalucia and Cordova? It is said that pomegranate has the ability to kill tape-worms (cacing pita). How? I’m still trying to find it out scientifically. Can we replace the current treatment for tape-worm infection with this pomegranate? Let’s check it out!

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