Monday, July 30, 2007

Modern Suicide

I went to the town today to buy a new dictionary at one of the famous bookstore, Muda Osman Bookstore. I took a cab to reach there and hoped that the short journey would be safe. It was, but the driver’s attitude really annoyed me somehow. He smoked while he was driving despite the passengers’ existence in his cab. I really wanted that the journey will be the shortest one because I could not bear with the smoke any longer.
Finally, I arrived at the town. Once I paid the fare, I stepped down from the cab and immediately dashed to the bookstore. I was quite relieved because there were no smokers inside it. I spend nearly one hour there looking for the latest dictionary and new reading materials. Then, I went to the bus-station nearby to board a bus to go home. While waiting for the bus, I sat on the provided bench at the station and began to scan a new women magazine I have bought just now. Suddenly just before I turned a new page, a foul odour stimulated my sense of smell, the similar smell which I have sensed in the cab about one hour ago. Again, it was really irritating! Coughing now and then, I poked over my shoulder and saw a young man proudly blow the smoke through his mouth and nostrils while his left hand was holding a carton of Marlborro. Huh, what this guy wanted to prove to the public, anyway?
In the bus, I let my mind wandered for a while. I asked myself, why on earth that some people smoke? Some might say that he or she just wants to be trendy and acceptable so that they can mix-up and do things together with his or her friends happily. Others say they smoke because it is a new cool thing to try on and one kind of the stress-busters which lighten their stress. I don’t think so. Not few smoke only to imitate the action of their favourite actor or actress they have watched in the movies. Indeed, there are lots of reasons to be given by the smokers. Nonetheless, I do think that people smoke simply because they can’t resist the temptation. I bet most of them already knew that cigarette smoke is deadly dangerous to their health which can bring disaster to their life as well as others’. However, because their patience is at the minimal level, they just ignore the warning and let smoking become their habit.
But why they can’t be patient? It is a good question. My answer is so simple; it is because these people are arrogant and terribly ignorant. They are impatient and pretend not to know and not remember by heart the Islamic teaching revealed by Allah. Allah had mentioned in Al-Quran, chapter 2, verse 195 which means: “And make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction; but do good; for God loves those who do good”. Their Merciful Creator has already warned them not to merely destroy themselves, but they don’t pay any attention to it. Isn’t that what we called arrogance?
Anyway, I am glad that being a pharmacy student, I am exposed to the smoking cessation program, its execution and guidelines. . I’d like to help those who want to be helped. However, the guidelines will forever remain as a guideline if it is not wholeheartedly followed.

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