Thursday, April 26, 2007

4.9 mil eligible Malaysians have not registered as voters, 80% are Malays!

Is the statement surprising enough for you and me to hear? I don’t think so, no more. Just see what is happening around us. Today’s world is full of incessant entertainment, many reality TV shows are conducted day and night, and numbers of so-called “talented stars” are groomed here and there. Akademi Fantasia, Malaysian Idol, One in a Million, and Gang Starz are to name a few. The youngsters now knew how to vote for their favourite “idol” via SMS, spending just a few cents is a small matter as long as the idol wins the competition by any means. Their action is very similar to those of many Western people and this is what they proudly called as globalization and modernization, “we can do what they do”. Some of them even fell asleep while typing the code of their idol. Unable to finish up typing, they continue it immediately in the next morning. By hook or by crook, the SMS must be sent before the time expired because the idol must win! Yeah, they do know very deeply on how to vote for their favourite stars but they all have no idea on how to vote for their next leaders. Very amazing!

Of course these kinds of people, the generation of tomorrow, do not care what are happening on the other side of the world since they only know about their fantasy world. The extreme hedonism is already strongly instilled in their mind, heart and soul. What make it worse is that the government and many NGOs are also supporting and encouraging them. When the leaders are willing and keep promising that this entertainment sector will be allocated with a very high budget, they feel complacent. So, how can we insist them to register when they are indirectly protected?

“I don’t mind who will be the next leaders of this country, as long as I can mind my own business”.

“I believe that Malaysia is a very peaceful country and this will last in next decades no matter who the leaders are. We all love peace, right?”

Thinking about this, I ask myself, what is happening to my people? I compare them with the other young people in other nations. I see that the ones who lead the demonstrations against injustice, cruelty and violence in those countries are young men and women. I see that the ones who are taking part in the army and fighting bravely in the battle field to protect their holy homeland, Palestine, are the young men and women. But, what do my country has? I don’t really know but I may understand.

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