Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I'd rather say that FAILURE is a very common phenomenon and faced by everyone whether he or she is a well known person or just a lament one. The most important lesson one should get from the failure is knowing how to gain back victory and not falling down again..meaning that he or she must not give up easily! Hahaha...I'm the one who's facing the failure right now. You know what, I failed two subjects in the previous mid-semester exam, the thing which never happened to me before but I know it will happen somehow, it's just a matter of time. The failure was predicted because I knew my performance was worse that time. I am sort of very sad in the beginning once I knew the result but I know, to let the feeling to conquer myself worths nothing.

So, here I am! Because I know where my potential is, I should never ever give up. I remember, when I attended the leadership and management course last weekend in Jeram Besu (the white water rafting was the coolest thing I've ever tried there, I won't forget it, really!), one of the motivators had said that adults always give up easily. They should learn from the babies and the toddlers on how not to be fed-up because only toddlers are the ones who never stop from trying even though they are facing a lot of difficulties or failures. Just take a look at the toddler who is learning how to walk. They keep trying to get up and make a move even though they always stumbling painfully on the floor. They never say "I don't want to do this anymore", right? So, it's better for us to learn from those toddlers to boost our spirit in order to move ourself towards a better movement. Stop accusing this and that for being the factors of our own failure..that is escapism and only the real losers do that!

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